• Pioneer-Precision-Balance

    Ohaus Balances & Scales

    Pioneer - Precision & Analytical

    - Excellent for Universities and Student use
    - Available with Draft Shield for 3 decimal place models
    - Easy to use and calibrate
    - Well priced

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  • Scout-Balance

    Ohaus Balances & Scales

    Scout - Portable Balances

    - Excellent for Universities and Student use
    - Calibration Mass Included on 200g, 400g & 600g models
    - Electronic & Mechanical overload protection
    - Updated model in 2016

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  • OHAUS High-Speed Microliter Centrifuges

    Frontier 5515 & 5515R

    - Easy-to-Use Control Panel that Supports Simple Operation
    - Sophisticated Technology that Drives High-Performance & a powerful brushless induction motor
    - Several Safety Features that Protect Angainst Injury
    - Seven Rotor Sizes that Provide Flexibility for Varied Centrifugation Needs

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  • OHAUS Benchtop pH Meters

    Starter 3100pH

    - Smart pH Bench Meter for Standard Laboratory Applications
    - The height of the standalone electrode holder can be adjusted for maximum versatility
    - Connection to peripheral devices through RS232 port
    - A range of electrodes for various applications available

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  • Carl-Zeiss-Primo-Star

    Carl Zeiss Microscopes

    Biological, Compound, Stereo

    - Universities, Veterinary Clinics, Pathology, Electronics
    - Available with Phototube and Camera
    - Phase contrast or Fluoresence options
    - Genuine Zeiss Optics

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